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Anti Boomer MFG | Designed 2 Disrupt
C5 Z06/FRC Gets JDM Flare with NEW Roof Spoiler

C5 Z06/FRC Gets JDM Flare with NEW Roof Spoiler

Bring some balance to the rear of your C5 Z06/FRC while helping hide that dreaded failing dot matrix tint issue.

Utilizing the best 3D scanning equipment and CAD software we have designed The ONLY roof mounted spoiler on the market dedicated for C5 Corvettes. 

Comes standard in fiberglass (FRP) with primer finish 

Carbon fiber (CFRP) finish is clear coated and requires no finishing

NO drilling or modifications required. Applies with 3M VHB.

Here is a quick run down on our Research and development flow.

Step 1. 3D SCAN: Utilizing the Artec Leo the C5 base rear window/roof area is scanned for reference. 

Step 2. DESIGN: The roof spoiler concept is designed using CAD or similar software using the 3D scan as a reference for mounting points. 

C5 Z06/FRC roof spoiler 3d design

Step 3. PREP: The file is sliced to print in multiple pieces. During the slice phase the pieces are designed with a "key" to insure they can be assembled with accuracy and strength.

Step 4: PRINT: The file is using large format printers. 

Step 5: BOND: The multiple pieces are bonded together using various elements. In this case we used 2 part epoxy on all "keys" and assembled to dry. 

Step 6: TEST: The duckbill style spoiler is now ready to be test fit on the car. after cleaning the window with alcohol we apply 3M VHB tape to the spoiler and apply to rear hatch window following the glass contour. 

c5 Z06/FRC roof spoiler 3d print test fit

Now that we are happy with the design and fitment we can green light the mold production. For this phase another 3D printed spoiler is printed in a large one piece process that allows us to create a mold to make production wings. 

The final step is to test fit the final product and QA/QC it for final blessings before making it available for purchase. 

C5 Z06/FRC roof spoiler CF test fit

Check out these awesome pictures of our CF roof spoiler on Tylers C5.


C5 Z06/FRC roof spoiler cf test fit

C5 Z06/FRC roof spoiler cf test fit

Subscribe to the YOUTUBE channel to see the shop car as we install the new ABMFG widebody kit along with testing the roof spoilers, drag wings and future products.

Let us know what you think about the design and if you are interested in the spoiler let us know if you would want fiberglass or CF finish. 



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